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Anthony Simons

Dr. Allen Sater

Is absolutely the best. He was able to save my dad’s foot and his toes. He’s absolutely the best in Palm Beach County.

Joyce Lobsinger

After several years of trying to get my wound from a previous surgery to heal Dr. Sater knew the right skin graft and procedures to heal it. His uplifting personality made a bad situation better.

Janet L.

My faith in finding a competent doctor was renewed! I had been experiencing challenging issues due to my original bunion surgery not setting, therefore not healing correctly. My Primary Care Physician highly recommended Dr. Sater for my post-surgery recovery care. Let’s face it, no doctor is excited to get involved with another’s work, but I feel blessed.

While studying my issue, Dr. Sater recommended a few interim strategies that immediately subsided the acuteness of my discomfort. After several visits and in-office comprehensive conversations, we decided that revision surgery was my best route.

Not only was Dr. Sater astute, but highly concerned with my understanding of the challenges ahead given the unknown intricacies of a past surgery and the time and dedication that would be required of me for proper healing.

His awareness of the mental and emotional impact, as well as the impact of the physical recovery is what inspired me to share this review. Dr. Sater is an astute surgeon whom now I highly recommend!

Kenny Jones

My descripion of Dr. Sater is he is meticulous to every detail, experienced, and kind. My case was etremely complicated and Dr. Sater came though making every thing perfect in the end. I am very grateful.

Kenny Joes

President (ret.)

Doctors Choice Companies

Pamela Gallina

Dr. Allen Sater & his staff allowed me to come in early before work to remove a piece of glass from my foot. My normal doctor recommended him since he had gone out of town. Thank you! I recommend this office to any & all!!! And Thank them for getting me back on my feet immediately. Great people still exist.

Dr. Kevin Lapoff, DPM, FACFAS

In support of Dr. Slater

Doctor offices are considered medical facilities and MASKING is appropriate under all situations.

You missed a great experience with good doctors.

Gage Tippett

Dr. Sater walked me through the care of my foot issue from initial treatment to surgery and follow-up. His confidence and experience made me comfortable throughout the entire process. His conscientious techniques prevented discomfort and pain every step of the way. I couldn't ask for better care and treatment.

Rob Zucker

Dr. Block is the most caring Podiatrist I have ever been to. The didn’t make me wait long and accepted my insurance. Very clean office and friendly staff.

Laura Gilinsky

Dr. Sater is one of the most caring, professional and knowledgeable Doctors I have ever encountered. I had a very unique situation and he was by my side through the entire experience. His kind mannerism and gesture made me feel confident I was in great hands. Thank you Dr. Sater! You simply are the best at your craft.

Jeanne H.

After experiencing months of pain in my toe and several visits to another doctor I found Dr. Sater. What a difference!!! With 2 weeks I was seeing remarkable improvement and little to no discomfort.

Dr. Sater is incredible. I would highly recommend him.

Karl Gangwer

Been going to Ankle & Foot for over 5 years. Great doctors and staff. I have done everything under the sun to ruin my feet and they fix me every time. Unlike most offices I was seen on time and treated with the best of care. Very friendly and professional.

Kathleen Felock

Dr. Sater has treated me for over 10 years. I have had several various issues and each one he has found answers and corrected. Due to the number of broken/fractures in my feet he pushed me to get a bone density and it resulted in me getting treatment for osteopenia. Another great thing he did for our family was when my husband had two swollen ankles and was in awful pain. We went to emergency room and several other doctors who found nothing. We went to Dr. Sater and he right away said you have rheumatoid arthritis and we went to a rheumatologist and that is what it was and finally treatment was done.

Jimmy Mohan

Myself/Family have received care from Dr. Sater for over 10 years. Our care has included surgeries, broken bones and overall ankle and foot care. All visits have resulted in complete satisfaction. Office Administrator is the finest we have encountered in all health care visits in South Florida. Our highest recommendation to Dr. Sater and his staff.

Sasha Camacho

I absolutely love Dr. Sater. His bedside manner and compassion are stellar. I had a ruptured Achilles that I waited almost three months to get looked after, so I was really scared and in pain. Dr. Sater calmed me down and told me not to worry that he’d make sure that I was comfortable. My experience with him made this unfortunate accident, an easier one. Thank you Dr. Sater!!!

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